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Cosmetic surgery is becoming a popular option for people in the United States and throughout the world. Cosmetic surgery information in Seattle Washington can help you understand the facts about this increasingly popular medical procedure. Before you make an appointment for cosmetic surgery in Seattle, it is important to have all of the relevant information that will prepare you for the procedure. Learn more about Dr William Portuese, a facial plastic surgeon in Seattle Washington.

The first piece of cosmetic surgery information that you should know is that most cosmetic surgery procedures are elective. Elective means that the surgery is not required medically, as a part of a health-related need. Many people get this type of surgery for various reasons, such as correcting a birth defect, reshaping a minor injury, or relieving neck or back pain. In some cases, cosmetic surgery is needed because the body has a condition that causes the patient discomfort or inconveniences, such as a chronic disease.

When you decide that cosmetic surgery is for you, it is also important to consult with a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The surgeon will determine if your expectations are reasonable. If so, then you should fill out the informational form that the doctor provides you with and schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, the plastic and reconstructive surgeon will discuss the details of the procedure and look at your body to determine what results you would like.

It is important to understand that in some instances, cosmetic surgery may be covered by your health insurance. However, your insurance company may only cover a portion of the surgery, so it is important to thoroughly review your coverage options before deciding on the procedure. You should also speak to your doctor about any questions or concerns that you have regarding cosmetic surgery. Contact Dr William Portuese | Seattle WA for more information at 206-624-6200.

After the initial consultation, you will be given an opportunity to choose what part of the body the surgery will affect. This is usually done in the form of a consultation photo. In this photo, the doctor will show you all of the areas that will be affected by the surgery and why the procedure will be performed. You can also ask the doctor questions concerning the procedure, which will help you better understand the operation as well as the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Once the consultation is completed, you will be able to choose which procedures you wish to have and will be scheduled for the surgery. This surgical date is one of the most important days of your life, so it is important to carefully plan and prepare for your cosmetic surgery. Keep in mind that your doctor will likely want you to come in a day or two early to get the procedure done. You should also make sure that you have a supply of the things that you need such as prescription medications and food, since your surgery may last a long time.

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