The Best Ways to Style A Modern Sofa Bed


Your in-laws are checking in from out of town. Your best good friend just got unexpectedly snowed in with you. Your kid is home from college for Thanksgiving, and they brought a schoolmate who would have stayed in a hotel if your house wasn’t so comfortable and nice. There are countless scenarios in which the most comfy sleeper sofas will save the day or the night, more particularly.

( Note that even though they’re sometimes marketed as the exact same thing, sofa beds shouldn’t be confused with futon beds, which are just an uncomfortable piece of foam on top of wires that fold open when you need them to.) If you don’t have a visitor bedroom or if your house visitors come in crowds these couch/bed hybrids can be outright life-savers when it comes to accommodating your visitors. The modern sofa sleeper is a lifesaver for guests who want to sleep over.

If you get more than a few overnight visitors a year, then it’s most likely worthwhile to splurge on a sofa bed. Queen-sized sleepers are the most typical size of sleeper, as many basic sofas are six to 8 feet in length. However, if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a sofa sleeper, some companies offer smaller sized sofa beds.  Whatever the case, whenever you’re shopping for a new sofa sleeper, it’s important to get something that fits well into your space.

How to Decorate A Modern Room To Accomodate a Sofa Bed

When you’re decorating a space that’s both for living and sleeping, you want to think about things like space, light, and colors. It’s important to make sure you can open and close your sofa bed without disturbing other items in your room. You’ll also want to make sure you can keep the room dark in case guests decide to go to bed early or sleep past sunrise. 

Finally, you want to make sure your sofa bed looks great. We like to ask our furniture shoppers, “Would you buy this even if it didn’t have a bed feature?” If the answer is yes then you’ve found the right sofa bed for you and your space. 

We’ve tested hundreds of sofa beds and most of them are either ugly or uncomfortable. Fortunately, we can help you get something that looks good during the day and folds into a downright comfortable bed at night. 

The Skinny Fat sofa bed perfectly accents an area with its mid-century modern style. Its tapered wooden legs, clean lines, and subtle tufting make for a gorgeous masterpiece, but the medium-plush cushions and well-proportioned angled back make sure that convenience is a top priority, too. One reviewer even calls this modern sofa bed, “way more comfortable than it looks” and enjoys the subtle lean when it pertains to “lounging back.” The fact that you can customize this sofa be is also a big bonus

You also get to customize the wood stain on the legs and you can request complimentary example swatches to check the the perfect match for your living room. Finally, the rave feedback from customers is tough to disregard. “The process of buying this sofa bed could not have been simpler,” one buyer says.

Modern Sofa Bed Designs: How To Pick One And Which Is The Best

“We simply hosted a housewarming and everyone wished to know where we got this! I can’t wait to host overnight guests to test the sleeper.” Others who stayed over and slept on the Skinny Fat sofa bed said that the memory foam bed mattress is “exceptionally comfy” and the pull-out system is “easy to utilize.” Put simply, this sofa bed from BenchMade Modern is our top choice due to the fact that it doesn’t look or feel like a compromise.

You have to spend a little more than the competition, but the fact that you can get a custom sofa bed with a premium foam mattress and a lifetime warranty makes it well worth the extra cost. 

The split-back style lets you choose between three positions sitting, relaxing, and sleeping. As the description states, “This suggests that you can be sitting to read your preferred book on one side while your buddy is setting on the other side for an afternoon nap.” The performance fabric, leather, or velvet upholstery is readily available in various colors from neutral to vibrant, all to match your home perfectly. 

When reviewing the skinny fat sofa bed a verified interior design customer said the following about their contemporary sleeper: “This convertible sofa is everything I needed it to be: pretty, comfy, easily put together, budget-friendly,” she states. “It couldn’t be better!”,

The Definitive Guide to Sleeper Sofa Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen Sofa Beds 

There are lots of ways to take full advantage of the space so you can get the most out of your space. This Nia Sleeper from Willa Arlo Interiors is among them. It measures simply 44-inches deep when folded down to a twin-size bed, and its split-back design makes it best for sleeping or simply lounging.

You can pick from 7 colors, including a millennial-pink choice that will liven up any small area. In some cases with studio houses or small guest spaces, some furnishings rearrangement requires to be carried out in order to fold down a sleeper. Fear not the Nia comes with soft cushioning under all 4 feet to make it simple to walk around without scuffing up your floors.

” It appears like a lot more expensive piece than it truly is,” one reviewer states. “Very comfy to sit on, and looks fantastic in our area. It took me about an hour to create by myself.” Customers concur that the cushions are quite firm, so if you have a visitor who likes a softer mattress, you might want to put a twin-size mattress topper on it.

Most of the time you can look at a sleeper sofa and understand exactly what it is but every once in a while, you come by one that’s too subtle to miss. The Flipside sofa has sleek lines, a low base, and deep-seat style, so you ‘d never ever presume that it turns into a bed .. (modern sofa sleeper).

For that factor, it’s technically a convertible sofa, but reviewers have provided it a 4.8-star rating for a reason: “The whole [thing makes for] such a comfortable sleep.” In fact, all the cushions consisting of the four movable back ones are packed with an environmentally friendly artificial down product – modern sofa bed. The frame is made with kiln-dried hardwood that’s been properly gathered, and the block feet are actually built from solid wood, which isn’t too typical nowadays.

And the bed mattress? It’s explained as “very comfortable, which typically isn’t real of couch sleepers.”, $830, Generally, you require to decide in between a sleeper sofa and a sectional and it’s a hard option to make. Yes, a sleeper indicates that your guest has actually upgraded from a sleeping bag, but a sectional means you can extend out and take a post-brunch nap whenever the urge strikes.

The Sandbacken couch has elastic foam seats, soft back cushions, and a movable ottoman (with surprise storage) that you can rise versus the couch to produce a trendy sectional. It even has a detachable cover that has actually been specifically developed to manage as much as 25,000 cycles through the washing machine.

Present the covert mattress and fold down the legs, and all 3 pieces clip together to create a strong, cozy bed. You can even save the sheets, pillows, and blankets in the ottoman, due to the fact that as formerly mentioned it has actually concealed storage. Can you tell we love genius organizational hacks!.?.!?” Outstanding! Strong, comfortable, lovely!” reviewers rave.

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Why Buy a U-Shaped Sectional for Your Home?

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Midcentury Modern U shaped sectional

Sectionals are ideal furniture for your living room space, and can provide comfort while you work, relax, or gather around with family and friends for quality time together. If you want a piece of furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and of practical use, you should consider investing in a U-shaped sectional. Here are a few reasons why a U Shaped sectional may make a great addition to your home. 

1. Improved practicality 

U-Shaped sectional sofas allow you to maximize seating options, so you can accommodate larger groups of people even if you have a small room. In this sense, sectional sofas are practical for not just your own use but also for the shared use of many people, including family and friends. Nobody likes being the odd one out at a party, left to stand while everyone else lounges, so going with a sectional sofa may save friendships!

2. Enhanced aesthetics

If you want to add a touch of beauty and style to your space, look no further. U-Shaped sectional sofas have a transformative effect on the overall atmosphere of the room, bringing out style you didn’t know your home had.

You can curate the sofa based on your personal taste, by choosing the color and size, and you can even alter the shape to your liking. Depending on your choices, you will see that the entire room has visually transformed.

It used to be that U shaped sectionals filled a room with one massive statement. Now, there are all kinds of looks, and some are extremely modern and stunning.

I particularly love this modern piece with stiletto legs.

Midcentury Modern U shaped sectional

3. More versatility 

Because U shaped sofas are not constructed in one piece, it gives you the opportunity to change the shape of the sofa according to the room. It also allows you to shape the pieces to create an extra bed, in case you have any guests who want to stay overnight. 

4. Increased room space 

The sectional sofa gives more space in your room so that the rest of the room space can be used for different purposes. The U-shape will fill the corners of the room, leaving the center open for your online yoga class or any surprise Twister tournaments. 

The Best Place to Buy A U-Shaped Sectional

It’s a wide world of U-shape sofas out there, and if you’re looking for one, customization is definitely the way to go. Imagine this frustrating scenario: you finally find the sectional that’s the perfect color and just the right level of soft…but it’s too big! 

Ordering a customized sectional means you have control over what your sofa looks like, how many sections it has and whether it’s hard and firm or feather soft. A customized sectional will fit your home perfectly. This is one sofa that will never end up on the front lawn with a “free” sign propped up in front of it! 

If you’re ready to buy a deep and supremely comfortable sectional, look no further than BenchMade Modern. They have a wide selection of designer furniture in endless performance fabric and leather options. 

I did a little research and they have more than 14,000 combinations. I’m pretty sure their sectionals will literally match any space in the world. My favorite part about the company is that they offer a worry-free money back guarantee on every order. 

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