10 Steps to Planning Your Decorating Project

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Re-decorating can be fun and exciting because it gives you the opportunity to change your home and create the environment you always wanted. It allows you to be creative and decorate in a way that lets your personality and style show through. However, it can be a lot of work as well but there are some things that you can do to make it easier and more productive. Before you start decorating, you should plan out your project.

Here are 10 steps to planning your decorating project that can help you get started and stay focused:

Step One: Decide What You Are Decorating.
You must decide what area of your home you plan on decorating. For example, are you changing just one room or your entire home? This step is very important because it will affect the next three steps.

Step Two: Set Your Goals.
Once you decide how much of your home you want to decorate you need to decide how you want it changed. Do you want it to be roomier, more stylish or personal and so on?

Step Three: Choose Your Style or Theme.
It’s time to choose the style you want to use for decorating. It could be contemporary, traditional, country, causal, French and so forth. Choosing your style will help you know what type of decorating items you will need.

Step Four: Set Your Budget.
You need a budget so you will not be surprised later when you realize the project is costing a lot more than you ever imagined. Without a budget you tend to spend more because you see something you like and buy it without thinking. A budget will help to keep things realistic and in prospective.

Step Five: Create a Budget List
A budget list will include everything that you will need for the project. This includes any remodeling materials, furniture, hired help and accessories. Basically, anything that you will be spending money on for the project should be put in the list. You also need to compare your spending to the list often to stay on track.

Step Six: Have a Floor Plan.
The floor plan is simply an idea of how you want things arranged in each room. This will help you decide what furnishings you need to achieve the result you want to create.

Step Seven: Choose The Focal Point.
Every room has or needs a focal point that catches your attention each time you enter. This is the time to choose what that focal point will be and how you want to present it.

Step Eight: Choose Your Lighting.
Don’t underestimate the power of light. Each room needs adequate amounts of lights located in the right areas to bring out the full effects of your d├ęcor.

Step Nine: Eliminate What You Don’t Need.
Many times when you get involved in a decorating project it is temping to hang on to the items you already have but this is not recommended. After all, you are redecorating for a reason. Let go of the old furnishings and make room for the new. If it does not go with your new style or if it makes the room crowded then it needs to go.

Step Ten: Be Creative.
Creativity can give your home that personal touch that you long for while still creating the environment you want. It also makes a decorating project more fun and exciting.

Following these ten steps will help you stay focus and complete your project without a lot of problems and interruptions. Of course, there may always be times when something unexpected comes up but for the most part you will be able to stay on track and start enjoying your newly decorated home according to plan.

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