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How Interior Design Services In UK Are Being Offered At The Time Of The COVID-19 Pandemic


As most countries adjust to the work from home arrangement due to the current pandemic situation, many industries are greatly affected since work has to be done on-site. And one example of this in the industry of interior design in the UK since stern actions had to be implemented considering a new strain of COVID-19 virus has been discovered recently.

Still, this recent development has not discouraged interior designers from adapting strategies that will allow them to offer their services despite the strict lockdown conditions. So we invite you to read further as we are going to talk about how interior design services in UK and Scotland are being offered at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in today’s post.

A Positive Response To A Negative Situation

Even though we are living in uncertain times, interior designers respond by taking safe and practical steps that will allow them to practice their craft smoothly. And they also see to it that this process is in accordance with the health and safety protocols as implemented by the government to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

Conducting Virtual Meetings – Interior designers conduct remote discussions in order to observe social distancing while continuing to offer interior design services to their clients. And these meetings are done in various apps and online platforms that enable video conferencing to happen.

One such app is Cisco Webex which allows video conferencing to many participants so interior designers can share their screen easily and show their designs to their clients. And the good thing about this app is that it can be installed on the phone, tablet, and laptop so designers can reach out to their clients any time of the day.

Aside from that, some interior designers are also starting to use the GoToMeeting and Zoom apps, which also provide the same features as the video conferencing platform we have previously mentioned.

And while remote discussions are primarily adapted to ensure constant communication to past and present clients, this practice is also done to access staff and look after their needs while strict lockdown protocols are being implemented.

Design And Redesign Planning Services – Although it’s difficult to conduct on-site visits, making plans for clients is still possible. Even large projects with architectural designs can still be catered by interior designers because clients are looking for a way to repurpose their space since most activities are done at home for the time being.

Possible Challenges

As home visits are restricted, completing design projects on time may be a problem since designers are also experiencing longer lead times and delayed deliveries from suppliers. Likewise, creating bespoke furniture designs can also be a challenge since furniture companies are being forced to shut down for being unable to maintain physical distancing due to their nature of work.

Even so, interior design services are still in demand despite the ongoing pandemic because people are required to stay at home. In fact, project inquiries and virtual consultations continue to come in. And that’s because people want to make their households much nicer places and create a conducive environment for them to stay in during the time of the pandemic.

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