The importance of using a professional technology company for business print network management


In companies with fewer than 500 employees,the business uses their business printing devices a lot. To make the most of the resources your business owns,whether you are creating a new printer network or adding new devices to an existing one,you need a system that is versatile,cost-effective and tailored to match your particular requirements. To reach this goal this,you need the assistance of an experienced technology company to ensure all the right boxes are being covered. When thinking about your business printing needs,here are some key areas to think about.

Growth: preparing for your future business needs

Your printer network ,more than likely is a pretty big investment,and you want it to work for the long term. Consider your business’ potential for growth and how your printing requirements might change. With the help of experienced professionals,you can take growth into account ahead of time to ensure you have a resilient network for the long haul. There must not be too much burden on individual devices,but at the same time,you don’t want to have more than you need. Leave it to the experts to find the right balance. Speaking of which…

Print volume: always meeting your needs

You need printers that can handle even your highest print volume. An experienced consultant can consider both the average print volume and those occasional peaks. By ‘average’ print volume,we mean the number of pages expected to print on an average day’s use. The ‘occasional peaks’ refers to those times of year when print volume is pushed significantly higher than usual. It’s always best to have printers that can deal with above-average demands,and a good technology company will be able to identify the best way forward.

Cost: staying in-budget

The costs that come into the equation are the purchase price and the cost of maintenance and consumables. How much are you able to budget for your printer network? Do you think you can get the most out of that sum by yourself? And have you thought about the ongoing cost per page,and also electrical consumption and maintenance? An expert can help you get the most of your budget with their specialist knowledge and useful connections to get the best deals for you.

Security and network management: getting everything right

The modern printer is more like a computer than a mere office accessory,with internet and WiFi connections as well as their own storage. This makes them a target for hackers,and printer networking and cyber security are specialist areas that need expert knowledge. You can’t simply make any old printer more secure; you’ll need to future-proof your hardware to make sure your network is running at optimal capacity and your security measures are suitable. Cutting corners here can lead to printer networks that don’t work properly,or have led to damaging information leaks that could be extremely costly to your company. – Xeretec have all the expertise to ensure your company printer network is up to the task for the long haul,so do contact them to discuss your needs.

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